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Our Dogz

Our hot dogs and polish sausage are 100% Black Angus beef and are custom made just for Dirty Dogz to our specifications.


Our Buns

Our hot dog buns are specially made by a local bakery just for Dirty Dogz and are made fresh and delivered every other day.

Hot dog with sport peppers, chopped tomatoes, and onion
Hot dogs with shredded cheese, chopped tomatoes, and ranch sauce
Hot dog with pine apple chunks and hot sauce
Hotdog with slaw
Bratwurst with sauerkraut
Hot dog with shredded cheese and chili
Hot dog with relish and sliced banana peppers
Hot dog with Italian seasoning, buffalo sauce, and ranch dressing
Hot dog with relish and chopped onion
Bratwurst with chopped jalapeños and onion
Hot dog with ketchup and mustard
Kielbasa with chopped onion and banana peppers

What do you like on your dog?  The possibilities are endless!

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